La Clairière is a creative space that welcomes artists of all backgrounds. Located halfway between the city of Charleroi and the Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure, it is the ideal spot to immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the amenities offered by the pretty village of Chastrès and its surroundings.

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The concept

Designed by artists for artists, this place has been specially imagined to offer a comfort in line with its occupants, in order to leave room for inspiration and work in total peace of mind. 
Our chalet is the ideal place for people with an overflowing imagination who are looking for a creative space that cares about its impact on the environment. Indeed, it has been designed to reduce energy costs as much as possible: it is powered by solar panels and rainwater harvesting. It is thus practically self-sufficient, from an energy point of view!

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The Floorplan

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Everyone is welcome at La Clairière!
Whether you are professionals or dabblers, our place welcomes you the same way. La Clairière is a place of sharing where you can come with creative colleagues or alone. Above all, it is a place out of time that makes experimentation accessible to all. This way of thinking has given rise to very advantageous rates, allowing you to return regularly and under various formulas.

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La Clairière is located in the small village of Chastrès in the Walloon Region, in the province of Namur. It is part of the city of Walcourt, as the villages the Laneffe and the Fraire are, both located just a stone's throw away, Chastrès is actually closer to the city of Charleroi than to Namur.
Designed by a Carolo artist who has been living in the capital for several years, it made sense for him to come back to Charleroi region and invest in a place that is synonymous with a return to the roots. Indeed, the very location of La Clairière invites you to a humble way of life, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located not far from the Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure, it is the ideal compromise between a total change of scene and an access to infrastructures that will make your stay pleasantly harmonious.