Practical Information


  • La Clairière is a nearly 100% autonomous and eco-friendly place: we are dependent on the weather! This means that the electricity you will use comes from the solar panels and the water from the rainwater harvesting.
    The water from the taps, although filtered, is thus not drinkable. However, you will be able to use it for cooking and showering.
    We expect from the occupants to have a responsible attitude towards the consumption of these energies.
    Finally, in order for La Clairière to remain a place that lives in harmony with the environment in which it is settled, we ask you to use ecological and organic cleaning products, just because they will be in direct contact with the nearby nature.
  • We provide you with the necessary sheets and towels for your stay.
  • You will live in an area that is in harmony with the surrounding farmland. Tractors also use the road that leads to the chalet. Therefore, La Clairière provides you with a 4×4 that can be used if the road to the chalet is inaccessible with your own car or if you are afraid of damaging the latter.
  • One last important point: La Clairière does not have a Wifi connection.
    We think that it is by disconnecting, in every sense of the word, from traditional sources of inspiration that you will be able to work with your own imagination.
    However, please note that the place is still covered by 4G data.


Short summary of what La Clairière makes available for you during your stay:

  • Une sono (table de mixage + deux baffles + un sub) avec deux pieds de micro et deux micros (SM58)
  • Several XLR cables and jacks
  • Mini-jack cable to connect your computer to the sound system
  • 2 bass amps (Ampeg BA112V2′ and Fender Rumble 100w)
  • 2 guitar amps (Fender Deville and Hughes & Kettner)
  • A Yamaha Gig Maker drumkit
  • Un piano droit accordé (nb. nous attirons votre attention sur le fait que le piano a un certain âge et peut présenter certains défauts)